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Lemonade Press Lithography Studio - Printmaking Residency.

At the end of 2023, Soraya was lucky enough to have a two week residency exploring the possibilities of lithography with Bristol based studio Lemonade Press. She is trying to translate gestural ink drawings made as a response to the emotional and complex relationship of mother and daughter. Whilst working with the ink, Soraya found that when the material was wet and still interacting with the water it was closer to the feeling she was trying articulate than when the ink dried and faded. Lithography seemed the obvious printmaking choice to realise her ambitions with this work. Over the two weeks she ran tests on stone to ball ground  plates, working with different litho materials to examine how best to proceed. This is a starting point, Soraya has re-awoken her love of this process and continues to experiment and broaden her knowledge realise this body of work.


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