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Restoration - Melancholy III


In the final piece of the triptych I am communicating a better understanding of self. That through the emotional turmoil I have gained a better understanding of myself, who I am and what I want. The circle is closed to show healing and restoration, the gaps are representative of what is still to learn and experience, the smaller black circle defines self.

When re-drawing this with ink I closed the gaps slightly more as I feel more centred from the time did this initial drawing over a year ago. I also moved the small circle, I has deliberately placed it off centre as I felt at the time this is where it belonged, however when I came to the print I moved it centrally. My circumstances have moved on, I am happy with my life / direction and can see a place where I might flourish, the placement of the circle reflects that.

I chose this shade of blue as there is a depth in it, blue is a very Persian colour and for me denotes calmness, symbolically it can denote clarity or a state of reflection. I had placed this centrally on the page in reference to my feeling more in tune with my inner self. Deciding again to add another flower / hair shape to the line of colour as if the the line has caught hold of it. I printed playing with how exactly the form should sit as because I had printed the circle so centrally it made the picture as a whole seem bottom heavy.

Testing flower / hair form placement

I am happy with the first of these as the form feels caught around the line, attached as if permanent. I am pretty please with this outcome although I think the whole circle could be lifted a little.

NB: This needs re-printing possibly repositioning the whole piece higher, and again working to make the colour satin / glossy, and test on thiner papers.

As a triptych I am pleased where I have arrived at, and can see a clear way to improving these images and bringing them to fruition, and will enjoy doing so.

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