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Notes from the MA  in Multidisiplinary Printmaking

Sept 2017 - Over the next 18 months I will be posting news about my work and influences as I play, investigate and hopefully expand my practise, skills and boundries within the Multidisciplinary Printmaking MA.



In the final piece of the triptych I am communicating a better understanding of self. That through the emotional turmoil I have gained a better understanding of myself, who I am and what I want. The circle is closed to show healing and restoration, the gaps...



In this drawing I am trying to express the point when I emotionally fell apart. I have always possessed a natural resilience and as a person was pretty happy to go with the flow of those around me. I gave birth to my daughter at 39 years of age, within the next 3 y...


The Cut

This image is an expression of the emotional trauma a baby experiences when adopted. It is thought that, under two months old, a baby does not know it is a separate entity from it's mother, hens any permanent separation causes trauma to the child subconsciously....


The idea behind this series came whilst completing my BA in 2015. I was trying to express myself emotionally and the transition I was experiencing in my late 40's, these being the physical changes that come with the Menopause and the loss of fertility. This was also wh...

As an adopted child I have spent much of my life as a Chameleon, blending to fit in with the world around me with a feeling of always being on the outskirts, belonging but not belonging. When much of one’s time is spent trying to fit in, too much time is spent thinking...

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